Sit Move – Top – L

Sit Move – Top Sliding and turning cushion.

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Product number: MC 003-7503
HMI number: 112058
UDI-DI number: 5744001973615

Dimensions 70 × 55 cm
Product series

Sit Move

User weight Max

150 kilos

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Sliding and turning cushion. Directional so that the person easily can slide sideways and backwards in the chair/wheelchair but will not slide forwards.
Can be activated by both caregiver and patient using the two handles. The Unique Sliding surface permits the person to make small adjustments in the sitting position and thereby preventing tissue injury. Using the Sit Move it is easy to transfer the person sideways to a new sitting surface. You simply place the Slide Board between the Sit Move Top and Bottom. Recommended for the cognitively good patient.
Works as a set. Available in different sizes.