About master care

Through professionalism and a close customer dialogue, we create innovative aids and focus on the dignity of the users and your work environment.

My name is Vidar Geitrheim. I am the owner of master care A/S, which is a 100% Danish owned company.

Back in the 80s, I invented the first transfer systems and sliding pillows for the Danish and Nordic markets. Since then, we have continuously developed, produced and marketed the leading transfer aids and ergonomics solutions for the Nordic region. With our 35 years of experience, we strive to be the leading manufacturer within our field and thus be able to offer unique and simple transfer solutions that can improve the ergonomics of your workplaces and minimize injuries to users.

Vidar Geitrheim

Vidar Geitrheim

At master care, we do not just follow the development – we create it.

We are Denmark’s leading developer and manufacturer of transfer and sliding aids. Though specialization over decades; an area in which we are experts today. We have our own production and can therefore develop special solutions for you.

Three values ​​are central to us:

  • We are innovative – and keep an eye on the needs of both users and care staff, so we can constantly develop both existing and new products that make it possible to create optimal solutions for all parties.
  • We are responsible – and feel responsible for the user´s quality of life, the nursing staff’s working environment, loyalty to partners and the working environment among our own employees in master care.
  • We are service-minded – and we strive to provide the best service based on high professionalism and empathy towards both users and helpers.

Greencare 2020

The green transition is here to stay, and we intend to approach it in a professional way and have therefore introduced Greencare 2020

This is to show that we value the environment and also in this area will be at the front, as a solid and sustainable company.

In 2020, Master care replaced windows and re-insulated our premises, so that our heat loss is greatly reduced. We have upgraded our lighting to LED in our 1400 sqm large premises. In addition, the old oil boiler has been replaced by heat pumps, which gives a significantly smaller climate footprint.

Our raw materials are produced in Europe, whereby we, among other things, help to ensure and maintain good working conditions, that our goods are produced as environmentally friendly as possible and that we minimize CO2 emissions by, for example, transport.

At master care, we are in the process of minimizing our consumption of paper. This is done at the request of ourselves and our customers. Therefore, as a consumer, you will in the future receive a reduced user guide that still lives up to the latest regulations. You will always be able to find detailed information about the use and properties of our products on our website.

Mission & vision

Today, master care is a leader in Scandinavia when it comes to manual transferring and activation aids.


Through professionalism and close dialogue with you, we will be one step ahead of the development and create innovative aids that focus on the user´s dignity and your work environment.


We want to continue being in the lead within development of transfer aids, so we can help to shape the development of transfer solutions for your benefit.

We will do our best to continue as your preferred business partner.

Own production

Today, master care is a leader in Scandinavia when it comes to manual transfer and activation aids.

master care is a 100% Danish-owned company with production in DK and the EU.

This enables us to continuously supervise our strict product control and thereby deliver our products in the highest quality to you.

We are flexible and adaptable and at the front of development.

We also have the opportunity, in close collaboration with you, to create special solutions that meet very specific user requirements.

Jobs at Mastercare

master care is constantly growing, so you are always welcome to send us an application.

You can briefly describe who you are, what education and background you have, what you are passionate about at work and why you should be considered for our team the next time we get a vacancy.

We want professional employees with work values ​​that match master cares, so you can contribute with good energy and fit into our team with the right spirit.

Send an application to vidar@master-care.dk – then you will hear from me.

We currently have no vacancies.