Light Cover Export – L

Light Cover Export is a two-way sliding satin layer with sliding part in the full length of the bed.

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Product number: MC 002-2730
UDI-DI number: 5744001972298

Dimensions 195 × 63 cm
Product series

Light Cover

Sliding field

63 x 195 cm

User weight Max

200 kilos

User manual | Handleiding

Light Cover – L is a two-way satin sliding cover with a sliding part in the full length of the bed. Note smaller size than for standard mattress.
It is easily mounted on the bed with elastic bands around the corners of the mattress, and wings which are easily guided under the mattress. Ideal for users with slight reduced mobility. The user lies directly on the Light Cover. The satin reduces the friction and makes it easy for the user or a helper to turn or reposition the user. The firm cotton material on the sides of the Cover prevents the user from slipping off the cover.

Ideal for the less-self-reliant users. Light Cover – L can be used separately or combined with Light Turner – L, which has handles along the edge on both sides. This way you get a complete turn system with All-Way-Glide. The Light Turner and Light Cover are easy to use and wash, comfortable to lie on and can be used manually or with a lift.