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Inco Sheet – XS

Thin, padded, grey, moisture absorbent incontinence sheet. Made with soft jersey material. Covers the buttocks. Protects the patient’s skin, the

Rescue Master

Rescue Master is ideal for helping the user over distances, for example when falling on the floor …

Master Stretcher Multi – X-Large

Thin and flexible stretcher with handles for horizontal transfer between to surfaces. Can be used between bed and CT-scanner/ X-ray machine.
A memory foam mattress is available if the stretcher needs padding. The mattress Cover is washable.
Available in different sizes.

Auto Slide Seat – Medium

Padded adjustable swiveling cushion. Reduces the friction under the person when getting in/out of a car. Mount on the seat

Auto Slide Seat Velour

The Auto Slide is a perfect helping aid for people who experience back or hip pain while getting in or