Master Turner Classic – L

Master Turner is suitable for the dependent patient who needs reduced friction under the whole body to facilitate transfer.

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Product number: MC 001-1732
HMI number: 49368
UDI-DI number: 5744001970621

Dimensions 215 × 150 cm
Product series

Master Turner



User weight Max

200 kilos

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Master Turner Classic – L is the Original Classic Master Turner. The handles along the hip and the shoulders can be used manually or with a ceiling hoist. The Master Turner Classis should always be placed on top of a Nylon Mattress Cover.
The thermoregulating padding reduces heat build-up and thus reduces the risk of tissue injuries.

Suitable for the dependent user, who needs assistance for most transfers and repositioning. Ideal for users who need friction reduction under the body to assist turns, mobilization and transferring in and out of bed as well as preventing shear. Moving technics which combine the Master Turner with the ceiling hoist is recommended to reduce the workload for the helper.