Master Glide Sif

Master Glide Sif is a simple and easy transfer aid to use.

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Product number: MC 001-7060
HMI number: 128744
UDI-DI number: 5744001974148

Dimensions 45 × 20 × 0,3 cm
Product series

Master Glide



User weight Max

200 kilos

User manual

Master Glide Sif is a simple and easy transfer aid to use. It consists of two lightweight transfer boards which can be used for instance, when a hemiplegic person needs help to transfer backwards in a wheelchair. Place the first board next to the user´s thigh, rotate the thigh inwards via a grip close to the knee and place the board under the thigh and buttocks. Slide the second board in between the wheelchair´s cushion and the first board. Ask the user to lean slightly forwards or support the user in leaning forwards, slide one side of the pelvis backwards and afterwards the opposite side by turns.
If the leg straps on the sling sheet are hard to place the Master Glide Sif can be usefull. Place the boards as described above and slide the leg strap in between the boards. When the strap is placed correct remove the lower board first and afterwards the board closest to the leg.