Vario Cover – L 3 E 200×85

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Product number: MC 001-2907
HMI number: 131101
UDI_DI number: 5744001974087

Dimensions 200 × 85 cm
Sliding field

200 x 65 cm

Product series

Mattress Cover



User weight Max

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The Vario Cover is a flexible cover with elastic bands in the corners to make it fitt most mattress heights. Non-skid coating on the underside.

The Cover has 3 flaps on the top side which makes possible to lock the Master Turner under the user’ entire body.

Made with hyper low friction Nylon Sliding material. The non-skid surface wings have been made longer a better fitting under the mattress are easily placed without lifting the mattress, which makes it a very stable and flexible Mattress Cover.

Always use with a Master Turner. We highly recommend using wedges and cushions to provide support and a stable position for the patient.