Sling Vest Basic - Large

Sling Vest Large is a tube shaped padded cover with a satin smooth outer and inner side. It is used when placing or removing of the sling sheet. The sling sheet is guided through the Sling Vest, so the back section of the sheet becomes padded and smooth. The sling sheet becomes easy to place and remove from behind the user’s back regardless of whether the user is sitting in a chair, wheelchair or lying in the bed. The sling sheet is removed entirely without friction and prevents unnecessary use of strength for the carer. Furthermore, the Sling Vest prevents the user’s clothing from rolling up when lifting or removing the sling sheet. Sling Vest prevents tissue injuries and shear when lifting because the sling sheet slides on the Sling Vest not on the user’s skin/clothes.
Available in different sizes.

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Dimensions 72 × 60 cm
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Sling Vest



Brugervægt Max


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Sling Vest Basic – Large