Sling Sock Amputation – Medium

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Product number: MC 003-9033
HMI number: 48794
UDI_DI number: 5744001972571

Dimensions 57-73 × 18-29 cm
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Sling Sock



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Sling Sock is a padded tube shaped cover with a satin smooth outer and inner side. It is used when the leg straps of the sling sheet are being positioned. The leg straps become easier to guide in and pull out under the user’s legs in both lying and sitting position. Can also be used for standing sling sheets in order to avoid friction in the armpits. Prevents unnecessary lifting for the carer and positioning of the sling sheet becomes more comfortable for the user. The sling sheet is positioned without friction and tissue injury is therefore avoided. Sling Sock is available in sets of two. Can be used with most types of sling sheets.