Silk Master Pro – S

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Product number: MC 002-1939
HMI number: 81089
UDI_DI number: 5744001972120

Dimensions 70 × 200 cm
Sliding field

70 x 60 cm

Product series

Silk sheets



User weight Max

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The best Satin Low friction sliding material on the market. Non-Skid Material along the sides. No Hook-and-Loop fasteners but mounted with a large wing on each side to be tucked under the mattress. Ideal for people with arthritis, hip-problems or pelvic instability. The Satin material only slides sideways therefore the person does not slide downwards.
The Silk Master Small, Medium and Large is to be fitted on top of an ordinary sheet – preferably an envelope sheet – to help the person with the manual transfer. The X-large model does not need a sheet underneath. Ideal for the more-self-reliant person.
An essential manual handling product.