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Master Stretcher Multi – X-Large

Thin and flexible stretcher with handles for horizontal transfer between to surfaces. Can be used between bed and CT-scanner/ X-ray machine.
A memory foam mattress is available if the stretcher needs padding. The mattress Cover is washable.
Available in different sizes.

Auto Slide Turner – Large

Padded adjustable swiveling cushion. Reduces the friction under the person when getting in/out of a car. Lies loos on the

BASIC Belt – L

Walking and training belt that can be used for sitting transfer, walking training, riding etc. The belt has infinitely adjustable

BASIC Inco – Small

Thin, padded, orange, moisture absorbent incontinence sheet. Protects the patients’ skin, the sheets, the mattress and contributes to a health

Basic Turn Sheet – L +

Handles along head, hips and legs. Use the turn sheet when the patient needs reduced friction under the body to