One Time Turn Sheet

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Product number: MC 001-1400
HMI number: 80422
UDI_DI number: 5744001970447

Dimensions 200 × 150 cm
Product series

One Time


One Size

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One Time Turn sheet is made for single patient use but can be used several times for the same user. Perfect for emergency situations with high hygiene requirements. For users who need reduced friction under the entire body in order to promote mobilization, turning, moving in and out of bed as well as preventing shearing of the tissue. If the user cannot turn himself, the system can be connected to any kind of mobile lifter or ceiling hoist, so the personnel’s workload is reduced considerably, and the moving is done more comfortably and gently for the user. Always use the One Time Turn Sheet with a One Time Mattress Cover.

Cleaning: Not washable