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About Master Care

Master Care


Through professionalism and close customer dialogue we create innovative aids with a focus on users' dignity and your working environment.

In master care we do not settle for the development - we create it.

We are Denmark's leading developer and manufacturer of transfer and activation aids and have for many years specialized in transfer; an area that we are experts in today.

We have our own production and can therefore develop special solutions for you.

Three values ​​are central to us:

  1. We are innovative - and keep an eye on the needs of both the users and the nursing staff, so that we can constantly develop both existing and new products that make it possible to create optimal solutions for all parties.
  2. We are responsible - and feel responsibility for the users' quality of life, the care staff's working environment, loyalty to business partners and the working environment among their own employees in master care.
  3. We are service minded - and we strive to provide the best service based on high professionalism and empathy for both users and helpers.

Mission & vision



We will continue to be the leader in Denmark within the development of transfer products, so we help to influence the development of transfer solutions for your benefit.

We will do our best to continue as your preferred partner.


Through professionalism and close dialogue with you, we will be a step ahead of the development and create innovative aids that focus on the users' dignity and your working environment.

Own Production


Today, master care is a leader in Scandinavia when it comes to manual transfer and activation aids.

master care is a 100% Danish-owned company with production in DK and the EU.

This relationship enables us to continuously monitor our strict product control and thereby deliver our products in the highest quality.

We are flexible and adaptable and at the forefront of development.

We also have the opportunity, in close cooperation with you, to make special solutions that meet specific user requirements.

Our customers are in all segments, where it is about transfer solutions for both user and assistants.