Mattress Cover Exchange 3 – L 200 x B 100 x H 19 cm – X Large

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Product number: MC 004-3013
HMI number: 81784
UDI_DI number: 5744001972748

Dimensions 200 × 100 × 19 cm
Sliding field

200 x 80 cm

Product series

Mattress Cover Exchange


X Large

User weight Max

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Suitable for Pressure-Sore Preventing Mattresses. Fitted like an envelope sheet. Extremely stable. Hoop- and-loop fasteners in the corners for the air hoses. Available with/ without flaps on the top side to fix the Master Turner lying on top of the Mattress Cover. Made with hyper low friction Nylon Sliding Material.
The Cover has 10 cm Non-Skid surface along each side to prevent the Master Turner from sliding off.
Choose between the many variations and sizes.
Always use with a Master Turner.