Master Turner ILF Soft - Large 30

Suitable for Pressure Sore-Preventing Mattresses or for Mattress Covers in the ST version.
The Non-Skid surface flap on the underside of the Master Turner ILF enables it to fixate the patients pelvic while sitting in the bed.

Use the turn sheet when the patient needs reduced friction under the body to facilitate transfer, mobilization and turns. This Turn Sheet prevents shearing of the tissue. Using a turn sheet with proper ergonomic techniques helps prevent caregiver injuries.
It is recommended to use a ceiling hoist or a mobile lifter when handling a patient lying on a Master Turner.
Always use a Master Turner turn sheet along with a Nylon Mattress Cover.

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Dimensions 215 × 150 cm
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Master Turner



Brugervægt Max


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Master Turner ILF Soft – Large 30