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Master Turner Royal – M

Master Turner Royal – M is a Turning System recommended for users who have function in the legs but needs reduced friction under the head, shoulders and buttocks to facilitate transfer, mobilization and turns.

The handles on the new Master Turner Royal – M are optimized so that there are more handles and they lie flat under the Master Turner. The handles at the hip and shoulders have 2 grips each – the normal one close to the edge and other one closer to the middle. Using the inner handle compensates for low lifting height.
If the outer grip is used at the shoulder and the inner at the hip, the ceiling hoist makes the extra rotation at the hip which is nice when positioned on the side.
The handles at the head end can be used in combination with the ceiling hoist to help the user with the transfer from supine lying to sitting on the edge of the bed.
The unique thermoregulating padding reduces heat accumulation and reduces the risk of tissue injury.
Place on top of a Mattress Cover – M.

It is recommended to use a ceiling hoist or mobile lifter when handling a patient lying on a Master Turner. Always use a Master Turner along with a Nylon Mattress Cover.

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Dimensions 140 × 150 cm
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Master Turner



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