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Master Turner Royal – L

Master Turner Royal – L is an optimized new Master Turner Turning Sheet. The new handles at the hip and shounders have 2 grips each – one close to the edge and one closer to the middle. Using the inner handles compensates for low lifting height. They have been made wider and softer to make manual transfers more present for the helper.
The length of the Master Turner has been increased so it fits longer mattresses.
Finally, the padding is thinner to reduce the drying time and thereby prolonging the lifespan.

Master Turner Royal – L is for the user without or with minimal function where the friction during transfers in bed needs to be reduced.

Moving technics which combine the Master Turner with the ceiling hoist is recommended to reduce the workload for the helper.

Master Turner – L should be used in combination with a Nylon Mattress Cover – L to obtain full function of the Turning System.

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Dimensions 200 × 150 cm
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Master Turner



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