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Master Academy

Master Academy

To achieve the best result when working with our products, it is important that you get to know the right handling techniques.

By improving your handling skills, you will minimize the risk of getting a work-related injury, which is beneficial from an economical and employers point of view. On top of that you increase the quality of life for the users.

Master Academy offers support on several levels.

Master Care Phone Support

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on the following number +45 8693 8585.

Master Care Video Support

Master care offers consultancy via Video Support. If you have a problem you can not solve over the phone, it is possible to show our consultant the problem and thus find a solution.

Online Video Support is free of charge.

The only thing you need is a Skypeconnection via smartphone or tablet.

To arrange an appointment and a connection, please contact us by phone on this number +45 8693 8585.

Master Care Mail Support

If you have a specific question you can contact us via e-mail on the following address: You will receive an answer within 48 hours.

Master Care Academy

Our courses usually take place at your place of work. This way it is easier to put theory into practice in the daily working environment.

We will design a basic or advanced course together depending on your specific needs. Courses based on specific challenging cases og difficult handling techniques are also possible.

We offer a wide variety of courses for instance:  

  • Getting dressed using sliding material
  • How to use the master turner
  • The bariatric patient.

We can combine the course with other difficult challenges such as dementia, heavy legs or sensory disorders if this I preferred.

To get the optimal benefit from the course at your place of work you need to provide the location with lifts, beds and linnet. We will provide all the handling equipment. Preferably the number of participants should be 4 persons per bed.

The duration varies from 2 to 4 hours depending on the topics.

Master Care In House Academy

Courses in house are possible.

Master Academy: Course content