Light Cover Export - Medium

Light Cover Medium is a two-way slip satin layer integrated into a full-length layer. It is easily mounted on the bed with elastics around the corners of the mattress and wings in the middle, which are easily guided under the mattress. The satin piece on the upper half reduces the friction under the shoulders and hips. The user lies directly on the sliding sheet and can tune with his feet on the integrated sheet and thus move more easily from side to side / around the bed. There is resistance in the material on the sides so as not to slip off.
For users with a fluctuating circadian rhythm or need a little extra help, a pull sheet, Light Turner Medium, is also supplied with handles along the edge on both sides as accessories. Overall, you have an unpadded turning system size medium with All-Way-Glide.

Note smaller size than for standard mattress.


Additional information

Dimensions 83 × 195 cm
Sliding field

63 x 140 cm

Product series

Light Cover



Max user weight