Master Turner ILF Two In One Soft - L - 30

Master Turner is a turning sheet for users who need reduced friction under the entire body in order to promote mobilisation, turning, moving in and out of bed as well as preventing shear stress. If the user cannot turn himself, the system can be connected to any kind of floor or ceiling lift so the personnel’s work load is reduced and the moving is done more comfortably and gently for the user.


L - 30

Master Turner ILF Two In One Soft - Large 30 The turning sheet is placed directly on top of the smooth alternating pressure air mattress. Suitable for the incontinent user who needs reduced friction under the entire body. A locking strap is sewn on the turn sheet, which can hold the user in place under the lower part of the thigh. Thin, cool and comfortably soft surface with good breathability. Handle: 10 Max. user weight: 200 kg Non-slip area: L: 30 x W: 50 cm Size: L 215 x W 145 cm Wash: max 85 °C

HMI: 50287
Item number: 001-1502